Home Ventilation

Have a healthier, dryer, more comfortable home and living environment

Stop dampness, mould, mildew and allergies from causing havoc!


We can install your home ventilation system throughout the wider Wellington area. (We also have a DIY home ventilation system available, with very simple installation instructions, available nationwide.) Whether you have a single-bedroom flat or a multi-level home, we can help you remove the dampness and look after your home with an effective and quality home ventilation system.

We design, manufacture and install our home ventilation system and have been doing so since 1982. You can trust your Quality Air home ventilation system will be manufactured and installed by highly experienced professionals. Have additional peace of mind with our six year guarantee.

Landlord special for home ventilation

home ventilation

A quality home ventilation system will counteract crying windows

This system is designed to keep your rental property healthy and dry 24 hours a day by allowing the tenants to adjust the system any time they require, but not turning it off completely thinking they may be saving a few dollars. The reason for this is to maintain a dry, healthy, warm home for the tenants, saving them money on heating, therefore helping to keep the property rented and removing any unexpected expensive repair costs for the landlord.

Fully installed or DIY home ventilation systems are available.

Advantages of our home ventilation system

Dry windows

NZ has a very humid environment, with levels that often exceed 96%. This often results in serious condensation, which leads to window sills, walls, carpets, ceilings and curtains suffering from mould, mildew and water damage.

Our quality home ventilation system will remove this problem, ensuring you wake up every morning to dry, mould-free curtains and clear windows.

Stylish living areas

You no longer need to worry about the sight and sound of that dehumidifier or when it was last emptied. Our systems are designed to perform quietly without being noticed, allowing you to sleep without unwanted noises!

We have a wide range of options available, allowing you to get a look that works with your home.

Healthy air

Fresh, dry, warm air is healthy air! Our systems ensure the damp air in your home is constantly being replaced with fresh, warm, dry air, making it less expensive to heat and in accordance with BRANZ standards.

Stop mildew

If you are finding wallpaper peeling off the wall or black mould on your ceilings, lounge chairs, curtains or even mould and mildew on clothing in your wardrobe, this is a direct result of dampness in the air. Get the perfect home ventilation system for your house by contacting Quality Air today.


Get the perfect home ventilation system for your home

Wide range of home ventilation choices available

No two homes or living conditions are the same, which is why we design and manufacture a customised ventilation system to match your personal requirements. We offer a wide range of options so you can get the perfect setup to match your lifestyle.

Added options that are available:

  • Recovering extra heat to achieve personal comfort
  • Remote control option removing the need for electrical wiring and enabling operation from your lounge chair
  • Digital time clock and thermostat to run your system when and how required
  • Many filter options available
  • Multiple style of outlets to choose from to suit any decor

A cost competitive dry air option

A stand alone three-bedroom home ventilation system can cost as little as 10 cents a day, or just $1–$2 a month. Compare this to a single dehumidifier in one room which can cost up to 50 cents per hour! This makes home ventilation an extremely attractive option for those looking to save on living costs and improve the quality of their home.

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