DIY Home Ventilation

DIY home ventilation systems that are simple to install

Install your home ventilation system yourself and save. You will only need an electrician to install a power point in the roof space.

Simply email a basic drawing or photos of your house with room sizes and what areas of your home require vents. From there, Quality Air will design, manufacture and courier the system to you. When you have received your DIY home ventilation system, simply contact an electrician in your area who can install a power point in your roof space so you can install this system yourself. It couldn’t be easier!

If any assistance is required, simply call Quality Air to speak to a qualified home ventilation installation expert.

What’s involved in the DIY system?

  1. The system is to be hung on the hook supplied, in the roof space.
  2. The ducts will be labelled ‘Master Bed’, ‘Lounge’, ‘Dining’, ‘Baby’s Room’ etc. and all you need to do is cut the hole in the ceiling using the template and drywall saw supplied.
  3. Tape the duct to the ceiling diffuser and clip it into the hole. The ceiling diffuser has spring clips so no screws (fixing) are required.
  4. Run the control wire down inside the exposed wall, or in through a wardrobe, pantry, hot water cupboard or anywhere you wish and mount the controller using the double sided tape/screws provided to the wall and plug the extra low voltage cable in.
  5. Plug the home ventilation system into the power point in the roof, turn it on, and it’s ready to go!


These home ventilation systems are also perfect for new homes

If you are building a new home, running the control cable inside the wall is a great idea. Stick or screw the control panel to the wall with the double sided tape supplied. If any assistance is required our 0800 number can be called 24/7 to speak to a qualified home ventilation installation expert.

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