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Heat pumps and home ventilation system specialists

Keep your family healthy and comfortable with effective, efficient heating, air conditioning, and home ventilation solutions

Quality Air provides solutions for heat pumps, air conditioning and home heating

Not only is a cold, damp home uncomfortable – it is unhealthy and can put your family at risk. To ensure the well-being of your entire family, it is essential that you have the best advice when installing a system in your place for keeping your home warm, healthy and dry, every month of the year.

With so many choices available on the market, it can be hard to distinguish which system best suits your home – and with so much hype being built up, it can be hard to know who to trust.

Quality Air offers a personally tailored service to ensure you get the perfect result for your requirements. We base our assessment on many years of experience, while taking the time to listen to you and your family’s personal requirements and needs – not the most recent, extremely expensive, over-hyped product, but a system that really works at an affordable price!

See us for top quality heat pumps and home ventilation systems

We are a highly experienced and knowledgeable team.Here at Quality Air we are a one man band. Lindsay is extremely knowledgable and experienced with installing heatpumps in the Wellington region and will assist you from initial quote to installation. Put your faith in a business who have a tried and tested reputation in the Wellington and Hutt Valley areas. Not only have we been operating here since 1982, our team has well over 30 years experience.

We’ve heard the stories of our community and know what works in our local conditions. We are confident we can help you get the right system working for you, your home and family.

Not only do we manufacture our own home ventilation systems from top quality components, we are also open to working with a wide range of heat pump providers. We are not tied to any particular brand, which means we will favour the best solution to meet your requirements and budget.

We install many brands of heat pumps and air conditioners that will fit best for your personal circumstances. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your needs and receive our obligation-free expert advice on the best fit for your home.

How will Quality Air benefit your family?
No more crying windows with moisture and condensation control
Protect your home and investment, your soft furnishings and clothing by controlling mildew. Save on the cost of replacements
Remove household odors and stale air
Have uniform heat distribution throughout your home (no more huddling in one warm room)
Improve family health through air filtration, pollen control and removal of damp air
Reduce your heating costs by recovering up to 40% of lost heat from the loft and removing moisture that’s expensive to heat
Gain an affordable solution with cheaper running costs than alternative solutions like dehumidifiers