Heat Pump Servicing

It is critical to have your heat pump serviced on a regular basis to maintain its operating at full performance.

In damp housing conditions, dust mites and mould spores multiply, which can trigger asthma and allergies. Receiving regular servicing prevents this from happening. If you use your heat pump year-round for heating and cooling, Quality Air recommends having it serviced once a year.  If you only use it to heat or cool your house in the winter or summer, a servicing every two years should suffice. Servicing regularly keeps the unit constantly operating and at peak performance, preserving your investment and warranty conditions.

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Heat Pump Service Check

Servicing keeps the heat pumps constantly working at their full potential and preserves the investment and warranty conditions. This also helps to ensure that you avoid any repair bills, running costs or inconveniences. If your heat pump doesn’t smell right or has a sound you are not used to hearing, Call us. Our team provides service checks recommended every 12 months to ensure everything is in perfect working order. Some heat pump maintenance can be done yourself. This includes the cleaning of filters and the outside of the unit for dirt build-up. However, some jobs need to be left for the professionals. Luckily, we have a specialized team to help with all your servicing needs.

Get in contact with us today if you think you are overdue for service on your heat pump!

Our Services Include Multiple Checks:
Cleaning air filters, indoor and outdoor coils
Operation of louvres, controls and reversing valve
Repair water leaks and maintaining refrigerant levels
Monitor abnormal noises and undue vibrations and smells
Checking running voltages, current temperature levels
And electrical connections