Ventilation Servicing

It is important to keep your ventilation systems in good working order

This will ensure quality airflow consistently, low-cost energy bills and a warmer, dryer, fresher home. It is often hard to tell when your ventilation system isn’t working to its full capacity, as there aren’t many warning signs.  Servicing is recommended once a year to ensure any issues are caught early and expensive repairs are prevented. While servicing your ventilation, we can also offer suggestions and alter settings on your system so you can utilize it to its full potential.

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Filter Changes

The length of time between filter changes is highly dependent on your residence and region. There are a variety of things that can influence how your home takes in air. As a rule, your ventilation system’s filters should be replaced every year. It’s up to you when this happens, but you shouldn’t leave your filters for more than a year as some homes require a filter change more often than this.

The timing alters if you reside in a fresh new house. You may need to change the filter in the first six months you live there. This is because even after you’ve cleaned your house completely, there are still a lot of building materials and trash in the air. By replacing those filters, you’re no longer breathing them in without recognising them. Depending on where you live, the guide changes still again. Because of the traffic stirring up the dust and pollution in the air, those who reside in the city may need to change their filters more frequently. Concrete tiled roof homes also let a lot of dust and debris into the roof space blocking the filters much faster. Those who live in the country will have to change them less frequently because the air is usually cleaner. Remove the filter and examine it if you’re unsure, it’s probably unclean and time to replace it.

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Quality Air Services

At Quality Air we are experts in all things ventilation. The maintenance service we offer is affordable and stress-free for you. We clean or replace the ventilation filter and perform a full assessment to make sure everything is running smoothly. We also look at the running of the complete air pump system interior and exterior, as well as the ducts for any signs of damage and replace them immediately if need be. We are also no strangers to offering advice and answering your questions to ensure you get the most out of your ventilation system.

Give us a call today to get your ventilation serviced. Even if you think it’s working fine, it may not be and could become quite expensive to fix or replace later down the track.

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