Single Room Ventilation

Single room ventilation is perfect for apartments and small homes with large spaces

They are a cost-effective alternative to whole home ventilation systems. Old stale air circulating in rooms can create issues like mould and moisture, which are lead causes of asthma and respiratory issues. Installing single-room ventilation filters out the stale air and converts it into fresh air to improve air quality. This ensures that single room ventilation is accessible for every kiwi home.

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Quality Air Ventilation Options

Installing single-room ventilation can be done during a renovation or new build. It is ideal for spaces under 100m2 and can be inducted or wall-mounted. Ducted systems need sufficient roof space to be installed but provide high-quality ventilation. Wall-mounted systems are ideal for rooms with not a lot of roof space and are straightforward to install. At Quality Air we have a variety of small ventilation solutions for you and your home. Our team can provide advice, discuss options with you and the installation process.

Get in touch with us today if you are interested in learning more about single room ventilation and how it can benefit your home!

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