Floor Console Heat Pumps

If you don’t want your heating/cooling source to be on your wall

And want more of a subtle solution, a floor console heat pump is a perfect alternative. The distinguishing factor of a floor heat pump/air conditioner is that it disperses the heating/cooling at a level that you can feel instantly. The installation process is much simpler and can be installed in almost any room as the piping and cables can easily run under the floor.

It is now becoming more common to install a floor console heat pump over alternative forms of heating like fireplaces, gas heaters and log burners.

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Floor Console Heat Pump Installation

Floor console heat pumps are often perfect for the elderly to warm their feet up or people who look for convenience when cleaning their heat pump. We always suggest homes with large, high windows, lack of wall space and high ceilings, as these would suit floor heating more. Quality air has the option to conduct an in-home free assessment and personalised advice to help you make the right decision as to what heating to choose.

To find out more and explore the different options of floor heating/cooling contact Quality Air. We provide full installation services and warranties on all parts and labour!

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