Which Brand Of Heat Pump Is Best For Your Home?

Which Brand Of Heat Pump Is Best For Your Home?
Installing a heat pump in your home is an exciting step that will lead to many warm, cosy evenings through the cooler months, and comfortably cool spaces in warmer months. One of the most challenging parts of getting a heat pump is deciding between the many excellent brands available in New Zealand. If you’re unsure where to start, here are five of the top brands on the market right now, and what each of them is known for. 


Panasonic is world-renowned name in heat pump technology, and have been reliably designing and manufacturing heat pumps for decades. The brand offers a large range of heat pumps, which can make it easier to find the exact style, size, and level of performance you’re looking for. There are both entry-level options and cutting edge options at higher price points, and everything in between. The Panasonic heat pumps also have an app where you can manage your temperature preferences from anywhere. The app even includes access for individual rooms, so you can give children or guests control over their own spaces with the app. 


Fujitsu is an excellent heat pump brand, with one of their most unique selling points being their long warranties. Other brands often come with warranties of a few years or up to five years, but Fujitsu offers six year warranties for parts and labour.As such, they’ve earned an excellent reputation for long-lasting reliability. They won the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Award in the heat pump category in 2020, and followed that up with a Highly Commended in both 2021 and 2022. Additionally, Fujitsu is recommended by Asthma NZ, and works with the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation NZ. Their Catechin filters cleans the air of dust allergens, so are well-known for providing excellent clean air, especially for those with respiratory challenges. Finally, Fujitsu is also known for efficiency. One of their efficiency features is the human sensor control in their Designer Range, which detects if there has been no movement in the room for 20 minutes and switches into energy saving mode. 


Daiken is the proud winner of the 2021 Canstar Blue’s award for Most Satisfied Customers in the heat pump category. It won by gaining a five-star rating for ease of use, functionality, quietness, and reliability. The only area in which it gained a four-star rating was in ‘Money’, which suggests that the higher price point for some of their models made it a little more costly than other options. However, when you’re making a purchase that is designed to last many years to come, a higher investment for an excellent brand wouldn’t be a bad decision. 


While Daiken won the Canstar award in 2021, it was Mitsubishi who held the crown in 2020. This is a brand known in particular for their efficiency, reliability, and comfort. They have been on the market in New Zealand for decades, and have become renowned for their high-quality heat pumps, as well as their wide variety of models. In particular, the airsource heat pumps from Mitsubishi are very popular thanks to their energy efficiency and practicality for any climate.


Gree may be lesser known in New Zealand, but it is the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world. They are known for their affordability, so can be a great option for those looking to install a heat pump on a budget. They offer a good range and their products are reliable and known to last well. 

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