Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking?

Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking?
If you own a heat pump in Wellington, you understand the value and comfort it can provide all year. Warming you up in the winter and keeping you cool in the summer, all while keeping the air in your house pure, filtered, and dry. Heat pumps are essential pieces of technology!Unfortunately, heat pumps, like all machinery, occasionally fail to function properly. We occasionally receive calls from concerned Wellington residents asking, “Why is my heat pump leaking?” This blog will cover all your burning questions and prevent your heat pump from leaking in the future.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

To understand why water may be dripping from your heat pump, you must first understand how heat pumps function. Simply said, your heat pump employs a compressor and refrigerant gas to transfer heat from one location to another. Take a glance at your refrigerator, for example. To reduce the temperature, it utilises refrigerant and a compressor to transport all of the cold air in your kitchen into your fridge. In the summer, using your heat pump as an air conditioner is the same procedure and technology at work!

Ice On The Coils

If the refrigerant levels in your heat pump are low in the summer, moisture on the interior evaporator coils might freeze. When you wish to air condition your house, ice on the evaporator coils prevents your heat pump from operating correctly. When you turn on your heat pump, it begins its defrost cycle, which melts the ice and causes a leak in the interior. That’s a simple repair. We can verify your heat pump’s refrigerant levels and, if necessary, top them off, which should prevent your heat pump from leaking.

Drainage Issues

A condensate pan is included with heat pumps to capture regular condensation as it occurs in the unit. The condensate drains from the system via a drain pipe. Water may begin to leak if your drain line is obstructed or your overflow pan is incorrect. Your heat pump has safety measures in place to prevent this water from spilling out. A floater in the pan will automatically cut off the system, preventing water from dripping out.

Quality Air

If you believe your heat pump is leaking or something isn’t working quite right give us a call. The team at Quality Air are fully trained to help repair your heat pump unit and also give you some handy tips to prevent the unit from breaking again!
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